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Editorial review


Margie Smeer Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 7.3
ProfiCAD offers you an easy way to design electrical diagrams, electronic circuits, and also hydraulics and pneumatic systems. The program is especially useful both for engineers and for students that want to improve their electronics knowledge level.
ProfiCAD comes with a large library of predefined objects and allows you to customize your project in many ways.

As a former electronics student, I was really impressed by the tools ProfiCAD had to offer. Its comprehensive gallery of objects includes graphical representations for electronic symbols, and also for pneumatic diagrams, trunking systems, hydraulics, and many others.

By using this application, you can design various systems and customize them in many ways. For example, while testing the program, I easily managed to build a security alarm system in which I included components like automatic locks, motion detectors, alarms, and even a central monitoring station.

In my opinion, even though this program is quite expensive, it proves to be a reliable tool for anyone who designs electronic circuits.


  • Includes a large library of electrical symbols.
  • Offers a lot of editing options.
  • Intuitive user interface.


  • Quite expensive.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 9.2 MB

What's new in version 8.2

Improved Properties Panel

The Properties panel makes it possible to change the properties of several objects at once. For example, it is possible to change the line type for several objects.
Cable Drawing

The program enables drawing of cable symbols and creates a list of cables.

Choose Insert - Cable from the menu and use the mouse to cross the connections that create the cable.

In the dialog window that opens enter the name, type, and estimated length of the cable. End drawing of cables by pressing Esc.

Cable Manager (menu Outputs - Cable Manager) allows you to depict all cables in the drawing and to specify their properties. You can change name, type and length of a cable.

Cables List (menu Outputs – Cables List) allows you to print a list of cables. Checking the group option will display the total length of cables by type.

How to change name, type or length of a cable:
Right-click the cable symbol and select Properties. A dialog window for changing the cable data will open.
Change the values in the Cable Manager table.

23. 2. 2015
ProfiCAD translated to Norwegian

Download this file and save it to the folder "C:\Program Files\ProfiCAD\lang". Then in ProfiCAD press F12, select Others and change the language.

23. 2. 2015
ProfiCAD translated to Norwegian

Download this file and save it to the folder "C:\Program Files\ProfiCAD\lang". Then in ProfiCAD press F12, select Others and change the language.

13. 1. 2015
New symbols for distribution boards (Eaton)

24 new symbols for distribution boards have been added to the library

How to install:
Download the symbols by clicking on the image.
Extract the symbols in the folder where ProfiCAD Library is installed. The path can be determined in program settings (F12) – Paths.
Press F5 to reload the symbols into the symbols panel.

distribution boards symbols

Did you create symbols that could be of use to others? You may donate them to the ProfiCAD library.

For sending a set of high-quality symbols you may buy ProfiCAD at a discount. How much of a discount will depend on the number and quality of the symbols. For example, the author of these symbols received a free copy of the program.

Publisher's description

ProfiCAD is a CAD program for drawing electrical and electronic diagrams and schematics. It can also be used for other technical drawings such as hydraulics, pneumatics, etc. It comes with more than one thousand symbols to speedup the drawing process.
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